Welcome to CulebraTester.

Android testing can be complicated, time-consuming, and tedious. What if it didn’t have to be? CulebraTester provides a real-time point and click test recording through a web browser. This browser is connected to the Android device under test. Not sure what we mean?

Here’s how CulebraTester works.

Why CulebraTester?

The tests that are generated:

CulebraTester makes writing tests for Android interesting. The user scenario can simply be intuitively executed one time via the UI itself on one instance of the application and then saved to be run forever across any installation on any device. This can be done for all scenarios, forming the basis of a suite of functional, performance, system, and integration test cases.

Polishing the Generated Tests

CulebraTester Android Studio

The test generated looks like the one you see above. It traces the recorded actions, including:

The test created by Culebra with point-and-click interaction includes most of the labour-intensive UiDevice, UiObject, UiObject2 calls, as well as the BySelector, and UiSelectors with the correct values. From here, you the developer or test engineer can:

About CulebraTester

A Culebra is a snake, and CulebraTester is snaky because it is small, and sometimes hidden, but still a dangerously powerful tool which can slither it's way into any Android application's dark corner. CulebraTester grew out of the AndroidViewClient Android testing toolkit project, and it's own python child: Culebra.

Want to learn more?
Technical details can be found in the CulebraTester wiki

Authors and Contributors

Culebra is developed and maintained by dtmilano, with help from awkasem and steve-the-edwards.


Issues found can be reported at Github Issues